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DayDream Beauty Lash Extensions photos


DayDream Lash Extensions

Lash Extensions you DO NOT see coming from a mile away!

With years of experience in the industry we will be sure to create you a set of lash extensions that enhance your natural beauty.

Classic Lash Extensions
The OG of eyelash extensions. Classic lash extensions are where one false lash is applied to one of your natural lashes. This look enhances the length of your natural lashes but not the fullness.

Hybrid Lash Extensions

My Fave! A combination of 3D or 5D lash extensions combined with single lash extensions, (classics). This is DayDream Beauty's most popular set of lash extensions and the set that gives you a combination of length enhancement and fullness enhancement. Beautifully full and fluffy.

Light Volume Lash Extensions
DayDream Beauty creates 5D light volume sets that you don't see coming from a mile away! These sets are where 5 individual premade lash extensions are placed onto one of your natural lashes. This set is best for those of you with sparse natural lashes or for those of you wanting more fullness to your natural lashes.

Can't choose? Leave it up to the pro's. Book a set of hybrid lash extensions and we can talk when you come into the studio!

Or DM or Text 0447 354 032 any time!

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