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  • Is Reverie skincare cruelty free?
    Yes! I have a passion for animals and there is no way I would use products that are tested on animals let alone create my own brand that did! Animals are sometimes better than us humans. Such innocent souls. I have so much love for them! -xBrooke
  • Can I change what is in the Botanical Collection to better suit my skin?
    Unfortunatly, no. There are 4 different types of Botanical Collections so I am sure one of them will work perfectly for your skin type and concerns. I have created these so you can get quite a large discount to try the 4 main products in Reverie. If you have any questions about which collection would be best for your skin, feel free to email me at I'm always here to help you! -xBrooke
  • Can I book beauty treatments online?
    Not at this stage. Maybe in the future I will look into an online booking system but for now I am more than happy to answer any queries you have via my socials. For bookings, please text me on 0447 354 032. -xBrooke
  • Does Reverie skincare come in recyclable packaging?
    Yes! Reverie skincare is packaged in glass and recycled plastic bottles. I have used products in the past which had glass packaging for cleansers and exfoliants and they have smashed in my shower! So Reverie's cleansers and exfoliants come in recycled plastic but the moisterisors and beautiful serums etc. are in stunning amber glass bottles. -xBrooke
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